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Total control of the production chain from dust to the semi-finished product makes for high quality materials. Our in-house laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows us to achieve high standards of measurement and fast and highly reliable processes.

In particular, the laboratory’s equipment fleet includes:

  • Analytical scale:
    Allows density determination (Standard Specific Gravity)
  • Shore-A Durometer:
    Allows determination of surface hardness on a Shore-A scale
  • Shore-D Durometer:
    Determination of surface hardness on the Shore-D scale
  • IRHD Micro Durometer:
    Determination of the IRHD hardness of components with complex shapes and small dimensions
  • Ball Indentation Hardness Durometer:
    Determination of the hardness of plastic materials by means of a ball indenter subjected to a load.
PLASTICO PTFE settore aeronautico
cerchi piccoli
cerchi piccoli
  • Dynamometer with video extensometer and climatic chamber:
    Determination of:
    • Tensile Strength MPa
    • Elongation at break % (Elongation at break)
    • Elastic Modulus MPa (E-Module)
    • Poisson ratio (Poisson ratio)
    • Permissible analysis temperatures -70°C to 300°C
  • Analytical tool DSC Differential Scanning Calorimetry:
    DSC analysis makes it possible to determine at what temperature or temperature range certain thermal phenomena in the material occur.
    Determination of:
    • Glass transition temperature Tg (°C)
    • Melting temperature Tm (°C)
    • Recrystallisation temperature Tc(°C)
    • Enthalpy of melting ΔHf (J/g)
    • Enthalpy of recrystallisation ΔHf (J/g)
    • % Crystallinity

Gas: Nitrogen N2

Permissible analysis temperatures -50°C to 500°C

Digital microscope

The Keyence digital microscope is an instrument equipped with an advanced measuring system that is widely used especially by the R&D department for

  • Seal wear analysis by means of 2D and 3D measurements
  • Surface roughness measurements by means of 3D measurements
  • Qualitative analysis of PTFE matrix compounds produced in-house