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ATP Research Center

In addition to normal development activities, the R&D department provides ample space for the study of new materials. The research is carried out both through the study of the scientific bibliography and laboratory activities. Following new studies, especially in relation to PTFE developments, materials samples are created and carefully tested, characterised and compared within our Research Centre, and at specific partner laboratories, partnerships with Universities and Spin-ups connected to the world of university and research. In particular, the ATP research centre is currently working with the Department of Materials Engineering at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. The ATP Research Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment such as thermostatically controlled dynamometers, used to carry out tests and characterisations of materials not only at room temperature but also at customer-defined temperatures (both above room temperature and below 0°C). These machines can also be used to test external supplies or perform comparative studies (for example, on materials previously used by customers). TGA and DSC analysis also allow us to identify or verify the formulation of materials.


The quality of ATP's customer service is the determining factor in its success. From design consulting to post-sales assistance, our company provides some of the highest levels of total satisfaction in our category.

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"We work with the same passion and precision that distinguish high quality tailoring to produce products that perfectly meet the needs of our customers."

Lorenzo Simoncini, CEO ATP S.p.A.

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