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ATP makes a stop at HAMBURG MARITIME FORUM, at Fish Auction Hall, Hamburg, dal April 16-17, 2024! Hamburg Maritime Forum...
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Mark your calendar! The next few months are shaping up to be full of events, and we look forward to...
Cibus Tec 2023 was a success.
We were pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere of excitement and the growing interest in innovative solutions. In the case of...
sinergia atp termogomma nel settore ferrovviario

Custom railway solutions: the power of dynergy between ATP and Termogomma

In the increasingly demanding world of the railway industry, efficiency, reliability, and safety are essential requirements continuously pushed to higher standards. T This is where the synergy between ATP and Termogomma comes into play, offering tailored solutions and special compounds that deliver unmatched performance. Our success is based on the ability to design and manufacture highly customized Railway Components. Each project represents a perfect mix of excellence and efficiency. Furthermore, Termogomma’s special rubber compounds provide consistent performance in all environmental
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GMP Protocol Certification: our unconditional commitment to food safety

We are extremely proud to announce ATP has successfully renewed its GMP Protocol Certification. But what does this renewal really mean for us? And why is it so important? The GMP Protocol certification guarantees that every seal we design and produce for the food industry is intended to come into contact with food without ever compromising its integrity or safety. We are aware of our responsibility in the food industry, and the renewal of this certification demonstrates that we take
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Hamburg Maritime Forum 2023

ATP participated in the Hamburg Maritime Forum at the Fish Auction Hall, Hamburgfrom 18 to 19 april 2023! Hamburg Maritime Forum was a 2-day networking event dedicated to the maritime industry. Davide Baccolini, ATP’s Naval & Shipyard Project Manager, presented at our exhibition stand the Leonardo levelers, screw heels capable of supporting up to 110 tonnes. Contact us or visit our Naval Solutions page for more information.
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Sustainable mobility: ATP installs two charging stations

Electric mobility is increasingly topical and we are not lagging behind.ATP takes a step towards environmental sustainability by installing two columns for recharging electric cars in its car park.Thanks to these new installations, customers and visiting suppliers will be able to recharge their electric cars quickly and easily, thus helping to create a greener future for all.
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Vertical axis turning: gaskets up to 2500mm

ATP, through vertical axis turning, is able to create solutions with diameters up to 2500mm in elastomeric, polyurethane with different hardnesses, and plastic materials. Thanks to the use of FEM analysis, our technicians are able to carry out preliminary studies on the applications with considerable savings in terms of time and prototyping costs.Do not hesitate: contact our technicians for advice without obligation
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nuovo regolamento UE TEMPLATE STANDARD 1 02

New EU rules for food contact plastics: ll the materials used by ATP in the food and pharmaceutical sectors conform to amendment 15 to EU Directive / and regulations.

New EU rules for food contact plastics: ll the materials used by ATP in the food and pharmaceutical sectors conform to amendment 15 to EU Directive / and regulations. On 22 September last, #Regulation EU 1245/2020 came into force, which is known as amendment 15 to 10/2011 and substantially amends the requirements governing certified food contact materials or FCMs. What has changed?   The new regulation has impacted the conformity of the Global Migration tests and specifications for food contact
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