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An ambitious new research project has kicked off!

Published onby ATP Group

Thanks to the collaboration with Enzo Ferrari Engineering Department of Modena, ATP has started the industrial research doctorate in “Industrial and Land Engineering” with Federica Amenta, a young and brilliant engineer working at our company for three years now. This three-year project is studying the nature of the mechanisms at the heart of the dynamic contact between the surface of the elastoplastic materials and the metal countersurface under specific working conditions (lubricated or dry environment, applied load, speed and temperature).

In the first step of the research, tribological tests will be carried out to analytically determine the friction and wear behaviour of our materials. In the second step, further analysis and the processing of the results will be carried out using the tools provided by the university, such as the “Pin on disk” test method and the tribometer.

Besides, thanks to the laboratory equipment available at ATP, it will be possible to determine mechanical characterisation of materials, whose outcomes can be imported into a FEM analysis software and validated on a test bench designed for this!


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