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ATP and the 4.0 industry!

Published onby ATP Group
Industry 4.0 is the new horizon for increasingly intelligent, fast-paced and efficient production. ATP is a firm believer in this new horizon, so much so that in 2017/2018 we invested over 2 million in development and innovation in plants and production processes, dedicating over 3,000 hours to training in 2018 alone.
Industry 4.0 is a groundbreaking transition, and as such ATP is determined to ensure its entire staff is part of it. The individual remains at the heart of the factory and their status is enhanced: being able to rely on programmed robots to carry out repetitive tasks does not invalidate employees, rather it allows them to concentrate on performing tasks which provide added value. They are able to set aside repetitive tasks in order to invest their time in data analysis and take on more challenging roles with increased responsibility.
With a combination of automation, information, connection and programming, industry 4.0 will be a game-changer for everyone. Those who adapt quickest will be those who remain competitive and will come out on top, because with this new dawn it is not the biggest fish that will eat the smallest, but the quickest fish that will eat the slowest!
We will continue to believe and invest. And you?


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