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ATP chooses KEYENCE IM-7030T - automatic, fast, flexible, reliable mesaurement system, regardless of operator

Published onby ATP Group

Once again ATP chooses quality without compromise: from today thanks to the KEYENCE IM-7030T, dimensional measurement becomes even more automatic, faster, flexible and reliable.

Thanks to this new device, the measurement values won’t be inconsistent or affected by the part deformability anymore; in addition, they will be handled in real-time on ATP servers according to industry 4.0 strategies, directly from the company software while generating quality reports and detecting Cp/Cpk values.

The new optical comparator, a high-precision automatic measurement tool, is located in the workshop among the production lines. It can work with pre-set programs, which the operator can easily go back to via barcode. After selecting the program, they just have to place the part on the designated board and press the start key in order to perform the measurement.

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