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Innovation and experience at the service of dairy industry.

Published onby ATP Group

High temperatures, steam, contaminated environments, aggressive washing and compliance with hygiene regulations affect operation and productivity in the dairy industry. ATP is not afraid of the challenge.

Thanks to the use of SINTEK® V1-AL001177, a special technopolymer, we are able to create sealing solutions for the dairy industry capable of withstanding the most aggressive sanitation cycles. In particular, the bellows and membranes are designed, thanks to the support of FEM analysis, in every detail to withstand the pressures and possible water hammer of the systems on which they are installed for millions of cycles.

Among our leading products for the food sector stand out bellows with integrated shutter and the new generation membranes. The first one, made of SINTEK® PK20, are characterized by a much greater mechanical resistance than SINTEK V1-AL001177 compared to a lower elasticity. The capability to produce special materials internally allows us to create the application as a single object and not as an assembly of several parts, reducing the risk of contamination. The latest generation membranes, on the other hand, are chosen more and more often and used by companies active in the filling industry as an alternative to traditional bellows as they allow greater cleaning of the surfaces. Do you want to find out more about our solutions for the dairy and food industry? Visit the food&beverage area on our website



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