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Are the gaskets or orings for your system not available? Don’t waste precious time, the solution is almost ready!

We all know that maintenance in the plants must be as quick as possible to reduce downtime and the related costs of non-production. For gaskets and ORings it is often necessary to replace them. Unfortunately, the spare part is not always available, especially when the rectification or modification of the metal parts is necessary. Thanks to SEAL CAD technology, which allows to obtain good sealing surfaces from the turning of the rubber, and to the use of patented materials such as SINTEK NBR 73 and SINTEK FPM 73 ATP is able to create even the most complex profiles in a short time. minimizing downtime.

Do you need a new solution for your system? No problem: the same technology is used for the development of special solutions, even in small series, for new applications where the use of soft rubber is made necessary by the application itself.


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