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New ventilated chamber oven

Published onby ATP Group

Our PTFE area is now enriched with a new ventilated chamber oven. Specific for treatments on tecnopolymers, the PT / MBT rotary oven allows us to optimize  PTFE sintering process thanks to the uniform circulation of air and the rotary function.

The new furnace can count on 5 drums gear with 53 housings each and allows the use of up to 3 drums in the seat by sintering a greater quantity of sleeves.

Characterized by a metal structure with air circulation and stainless steel sheet walls, the new oven can count on a high thickness antithermal sandwich with air recirculation cavity.

Inside, groups of electric resistances with low surface load and high exchange power are positioned in the air circuit and process the heating phase.

Rotary oven permits to simultaneously sinter semi-finished products in #PTFE characterized by a longer length than the ATP’s standard ones..

In this way the useful part of the sleeve is optimized according to the production pieces, and waste is reduced to a minimum.

Air circulation by fans for high temperatures; air irculation optimization with flow rate adjustments and rotary function allow a clear improvement of the sintering process. Once again the watchword is excellence!


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