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Bottling: ptfe pipes are the solution!

Do you work in a bottling plant? Discover how ATP has overcome the challenges of assembling and maintaining the stainless steel pipes connecting the tank to the taps with a PTFE solution that is more flexible without compromising on hygiene and sanitation resistance!
PTFE pipes are highly versatile and can also be used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Find out more reading our case study!
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Food & Beverage: discover how you can extend the intervals between maintenance!

Do you work in the food and beverage sector? Find out how ATP has successfully overcome the perennial issue of the limited service life of the seals in the rotary unions, assisting our clients in reducing downtime costs.
The auto-adaptive seal in Sintek H-TPU (brev. N° MI2006A002057) – which can be developed for rods and cylinders, can also provide a solution for linear sealing systems up to 20 bar and is set apart by its automatic eccentricity compensation and increased efficiency.
Want to find out more? Look at our case study!
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Do you work in automation? Find out how ATP solved the problem of short service life and high costs of the sliding cams! Thanks to the SINTEK D72 roller it is now possible to avoid using hardened cams extending maintenance intervals, reducing the noise level of the machine, improving workers’ conditions, eliminating the roller-cam lubrication so gaining in cleanliness!

Are you interested? Request the case study about this application in PDF format to atp@atpgroup.it

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