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Quick and easy O Ring catalog

Choosing an O-Ring for your application has never been that easy. With O-Ring Easy Search, the one and only interactive O-Ring catalogue, you can find your O-Ring in silicon or in NBR, FKM, LSR rubber by entering any information you know into the search box.

Launch your O-Ring search starting with the cord (S). For example, enter 2.62 into the search field and the query selector will leave out all items without a 2.62 cord.

Choose the diameter range for your O-Ring and enter the minimum and maximum size of your internal diameter (D): the selector will limit the existing items to those included in the range.

Refer to the static and dynamic dimensioning to define seats and contact our technicians for information about available materials and hardnesses by clicking on the button ASK FOR INFORMATION ON THE SELECTED PRODUCTS.


O-Ring table

Enter the minimum and maximum value of the internal diameter of the O-Ring you want to buy. Alternatively, enter a measure in the search box.
Tick the box next to the items you need and click on the blue button CONTACT A DESIGNER that will appear below, to receive a quotation or support.

Calculate your O-Ring dimensions and define your seat

Calculate your O-Ring dimensions and define your seat

Designing the seat of your O-Ring seals is easy thanks to our interactive table.

For a proper and long-lasting O-Ring seal, it is necessary for the mounting surfaces of the seats to be clean at the time of assembling, also when they are machined with a low level of finish.

It is good practice for the seats to have the maximum surface roughness level R, as shown in the table. The seats must be properly sized to avoid excessive squeeze of the O-Ring. In the chart we show our most common measurement for O-Rings in static applications and under “standard” operating conditions (low pressure, minimized clearances and good care in creating seats).

We recommend that you always contact our technicians for questions or just to check the calculated dimensioning.

ORing radiale statico immagine assime ATP e1602179666846

Certified materials for the food and pharmaceutical industries

Do you work in the food or pharmaceutical industry? Looking for an o oring that is compatible in size with your application and in certified material? No problem. Within our o ring catalog you can find solutions for the food sector and in particular o rings in silicone, polyurethane rubber and plastic that fall under MOCA classification. The same o rings are also certified according to European regulations EC 1935/2004, EC 10/2011 and REACH and international regulations: Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Health Standards 18-03 (3A), United States Pharmacopoeia (USP class VI) , GB standard for China)

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Calculate your dynamic dimensioning and check the O-Ring you have chosen with our technicians.

When rubber wear rate is low enough (for example with slow speeds, small movements and low cycles) it is also possible to use the O-Ring as dynamic seal.

The clearance gap between the surfaces and their roughness are the most critical features of this dimensioning. The seats must be carefully machined and all corners must be rounded, as shown in the figure for the static design case. According to the application features (especially pressure and speed), designs with a different O-Ring squeeze ratio can be used, as shown below.

Generally, the squeeze level of the O-Ring must be less than the total value of the clearance gap between the piston and cylinder. This is necessary to avoid that the O-Ring, due to maximum radial movement of the piston, might be not sufficiently squeezed for a given length, or that it might even be cracked leading to seal failure.

Moreover, the application must be sufficiently guided so that the O-Ring should not be used as a guide itself. In case of high pressure, it is necessary to minimize the clearance gap in order to reduce the risk of extrusion, which would result in a quickly destroyed O-Ring.

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