Perfect seal and top hygiene

Membranes are details in a special plastic or elastomeric material used to isolate two areas of a machine with differing conditions. In particular, the membranes divide the product area, with its specific temperature and pressure, from the mechanical area usually at ambient pressure. Unlike gaskets, membranes are not subject to mechanical wear, while they are sensitive to fatigue. This is why it is important to have an adequate study of their section so that the material is not deformed during handling. ATP manufactures PTFE membranes for the pharmaceutical and food industry used to avoid product accumulation points and to achieve better sanitisation than traditional bellows. High resistance to more aggressive sanitisation makes them particularly suitable for the chemical and petrochemical industries. Though mainly used in short runs, with custom design of both the membrane profile and the metal support parts, applications can be carried out under high pressures. In addition to PTFE membranes, ATP designs and manufactures thermoplastic membranes, such as SINTEK HTPU, and elastomeric membranes (rubber and silicone).