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PTFE membrane for food industry


Made of plastic or elastomeric material, those membranes are used in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry to isolate the product area, characterized by a specific temperature and pressure from the mechanical one, usually at ambient pressure.

Unlike gaskets, the PTFE membrane are not subject to mechanical wear, while they are sensitive to the phenomenon of fatigue.

For this reason is important an adequate study of their section in order to avoid that the material is subjected to significant deformations during its handling.

ATP manufactures PTFE membranes for the pharmaceutical and food&beverage industries used to avoid the presence of product accumulation points and to get a better sanitization than the one obtained with traditional bellows.

The high resistance to the most aggressive sanitizations makes them particularly suitable also for the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Although mainly used in the presence of short strokes, through a customized design and study of both the membrane profile and the metal support parts, it is possible to realize applications even in the presence of high pressures.

In addition to PTFE membranes, ATP designs and realizes membranes in thermoplastic material, such as SINTEK HTPU and membranes in elastomeric material (rubber and silicon)

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