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For companies producing soft drinks, water and other beverages, assembling and maintaining the stainless steel pipes to connect the taps to the tanks is a laborious task.


The challenge
One of our clients, among the largest soft drinks producers, asked us to simplify the maintenance process by replacing the stainless steel pipes with a solution which reduces the assembly time without compromising on hygiene.
The solution
The use of stainless steel pipes in the bottling process is the result of a decision by the operator of the plant to use nonreactive materials which are able to withstand sanitisation (e.g. CIP), even when using aggressive sanitation products. The maintenance challenges relate to the complex assembly of the pipes, the outcome of the rigid materials used in their construction.
As a result of these benefits, clients in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries have also chosen to replace their traditional stainless steel pipes with PTFE.
Produced in our factory in Ancona, ATP’s pipes are available either in full PTFE or with metallic braces (e.g. stainless steel) and with personalisable connectors which the client can mark as a means of identifying the production batch. Upon request, it is also possible to carry out testing to ensure resistence to pressure levels or to bursting, with the subsequent provision of the necessary certification upon completion.
“ATP’s PTFE pipes have eased the assembly process of the pipes connecting the tank to the tap on our filling production lines, reducing assembly times”
Technical office constructing bottling lines
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