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2015: ATP starts production of special semi-finished products
2015: ATP starts production of special semi-finished products

PTFE is a resin with a low friction coefficient, high thermal resistanceand excellent resistance to chemical agents.

Those features turn PTFE into a particularly performing material, even even under complex conditions, such as the ones which characterize the food & beverage industry. Virgin PTFE resin possesses exceptional physicochemical properties for static applications. Furthermore, its features can be improved for dynamic applications by using PTFE with specific additives that create a compound respondent to the needs of specific applications.

ATP uses PTFE and special PTFE, created in its own laboratories, for the production of gaskets, bushings, membranes, bellows and other high-performance parts.


All the materials developed by ATP are subjected to internal verification at the ATP Laboratories, which are equipped with the most modern analytical tools. The company currently has 4 special PTFEs certified for the food industry.

  • SINTEK PK20: Special PTFE recently developed by ATP Research and Development lab. The presence of favorable fillers turns it into a highly performing material even in the most severe environmental and working conditions. This material has a very low wear rate and low coefficient of friction in both soft and hardened surfaces contact conditions, either in lubricated and dry conditions; it is often used for realizing pad seals, energized seals and guides. Thanks to the test benches present in ATP it was possible to carry out a series of small and large scale tests with the aim of validating the SINTEK PK20 is FDA, EC 1935/2004, EC 10/2011, EC 2023/2006 certified.
  • SINTEK V1AL001177: highly performing modified PTFE, mainly used in the production of membranes and bellows. This material has excellent fatigue resistance properties, as well as high chemical and thermal resistance, which allows the component to achieve a high number of life cycles. FDA, EC 10/2011, EC 1935/2004, 3A Sanitary, EC 2023/2006 certified, Chinese certification GB4806.7-2016.
  • SINTEK EKO-AL: filled PTFE used in the construction of guides and energized lip seals as it has good tribological properties in terms of wear rate and coefficient of friction, especially when used in contact with soft metals. SINTEK EKO-AL has the FDA, EC 10/2011, EC 1935/2004 and EC 2023/2006 certifications.
  • SINTEK 916: special PTFE produced by ATP’s lab rit is largely used in the production of guides and sliding seals with OR. It has good thermal and chemical stability, good wear rate and low coefficient of friction both when used in contact with soft metals and with hardened metals but in non-lubricated conditions. SINTEK 916 has FDA, EC 1935/2004, EC 10/2011 certification.

FOOD CERTIFICATIONS: SAFETY FIRST All gaskets and patterned parts produced by ATP fall under the MOCA classification inherent to materials and articles intended for food contact.

All materials for food applications are also certified according to European regulations EC 1935/2004, EC 10/2011 and REACH and international regulations: Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Health Standards 18-03 (3A), United States Pharmacopoeia (USP class VI) , GB standard for China). In addition, ATP quality parameters and tests performed on finished parts allow us to additionally certify production according to EC 2023/2006 (Good Manufacturing Practice).

ATP is also certified by DNV-GL with respect to the voluntary scheme EQUIPMENT WITH FOOD CONTACT SURFACES “GMP” PROTOCOL, a product certification that enshrines the high level of safety of ATP products for the food industry at every stage of the process from design to manufacturing, procurement to delivery and beyond.

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