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GAFFA 1200X627

More than 45 years of experience in materials analysis, combined with the possibility to count on the latest technologies, has permitted us to develop new products as multiple universal hooks and special gaffes for supporting and assembling of pipes and pipelines in the naval industry. Those products are capable of responding to more demanding requests in terms of high temperatures and thermal and electrical insulation and easiness of use, mounting and dismounting. To achieve this result ATP used used  both SINTEK® P5 and SINTEK® V1-AL materials’ intrinsic properties. 

Modular measures, small sizes and lightness make ATP’ special gaffes the ideal product in all the situations which require important properties in terms of electrical and thermal insulation and easiness of use, mounting and dismounting.


On the other hand, multiple universal hoock allow the temporary or definitive hoocking positioning on T-beams, avoiding the use of screws and holes and, therefore, any damage and restoration of painted parts on the beams.

Customers’ installations advantages  in terms of time and rework are undoubted.

aggancio su trave
supporti sottotrave per tubi di piccolo diametro

Beam hooking uses the sharp-edged slot, obtained with precise and customized processing and suitable for use thanks to the combination of stiffness and elasticity properties typical of  SINTEK®  materials.

Similarly, we developed under-beam solutions for small diameter pipes. Large and modular, they can support several tubes depending on the diameter, which can be the same one for all tubes, or can vary according to the diameters and the number of tubes that need to be housed.


Coupling can take place above or below the tube housing, as in the two examples below, to optimize  tubes’ positioning in the customer’s structure.

In order not to damage structures and, more generally, exposed structures, in both temporary and definitive positioning, it is possible to resort to mechanical composite hooks for bulbs, which can be designed for several applications and once correctly dimensioned, can reach and support quintals. Simple but innovative solutions, that come from experience and passion for our work. Solutions that can be used in different industries, as well as in the naval sector. ATP solutions.

laggancio composito meccanico per bulbi

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