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Ships and large civil buildings and structures need safe, elastic and quick-to-assemble supports for their hydraulic circuits, usually made up of large pipes in plastic material and characterized by  different diameters.


One of our freight ship builder customers asked us to realize an anchor suitable for supporting pipes.

To make the positioning stable and safe it was necessary for the new anchor allowing the movement of the tube inside the supports positioned along its length. The challenge was to create both rigid and elastic support, which also allowed the pipe to slide back and forth during the assembly, to precisely position the ends of the pipe for maximum safety of the joints and fittings.

The support had to be solid, strong, light and elastic at the same time, and also compatible with the fastening systems in use and, possibly, special ones.


During its over 40 years of experience in the plastic materials industry, ATP had already developed a series of plastic saddles suitable for quick and easy support, which combined the strength of SINTEK® P5 plastic material with the elasticity of rubber thanks to the correct support structure project.

SINTEK® P5 saddlese thanks to natural fluidity, non-stickiness and lightness typical of the material make the tubes easy to be moved during assembly, facilitating their positioning with other tubes and fittings.

The support was designed to be relevant to all of the manufacturer’s vessels. SINTEK® P5 saddles are compatible with commonly used omega metal fixing systems.

In particular, the solution requires that once positioned, the tube is fixed with the steel omega, resulting completely integarted with the saddle.

SINTEK® P5’s low coefficient of friction and low hardness also allow the elimination of noise and micro damage to pipes.

It is possible to realize saddles with customized measures. Those solutions can also be developed for building and civil structures, in which it is necessary to fix long sections of plastic pipes of different diameters.


«The saddle shape allows a much faster assembly without compromising on safety. Moreover the new plastic saddles do not deform in case of excessive tightening torque of the screws by the operator, resulting stable and not creating misalignment situations.

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