LEONARDO I and II represent the perfect combination of simplicity and safety of use in support of ships under construction. Both bearing the CE marking, they can support up to 50 and 110 tonnes, respectively.

In line with ATP’s vision, our screw heels are designed and manufactured with high-quality materials. Compared to the traditional wedges they allow easy and fast control of the positioning of yachts and ships during maintenance or storage operations, saving time (and resources) during the process of positioning of the blocks and repositioning of the ship due to the progression of process of maintenance.

To avoid the risk of reciprocal welding due to the high pressure caused by the load, we have chosen to use two different materials (EKOGLIS 6G-AL and EKOGLIS OIL) to maximise the sliding action between wedges.

The screw system allows for a very fast and precise positioning of the block, supporting quick repositionings, which must be performed safely and with the least energy expenditure – without sacrificing time and resources positioning many wooden wedges in uncomfortable positions under the keel. In a very short amount of time, you can obtain a horizontal stabile levelling of the structure.

The features of the materials of LEONARDO heels and the treatments chosen allow the usage of the block both in fresh and salt water without experiencing any significant variations of functionality and dimensions.

Thanks to the treatments on the metallic surface of the appliance, LEONARDO screw heels resist excellently to the corrosive action of salt fog.

The programmed, continuous, and correct maintenance affords a nearly eternal life to the screw heel – for example with OKS products 2100/2101 and 220/221. For this reason, choosing a LEONARDO screw heel over traditional wood and plastic becomes an issue of sustainability and respect for nature.

The support system with LEONARDO screw heels is not only usable in the naval sector, but also in major building projects like bridges construction, wind turbines – in every sector that needs a stable and precise positioning during the construction of big structures.

At the time of delivery every heel is registered and certified CE for the action of support of the structure.

Screw heels LEONARDO: choosing SAFETY. Choosing QUALITY. Choosing SUSTAINABILITY.

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