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Open hollow rotary joint seals


Machines used in leather processing must meet the request for increasingly demanding performances concerning both duration and chemical resistance capacity. More and more frequently treatments and paints are aggressive and abrasive.


One of our customers, active in the construction of rotating distributors for the tanning industry, requested our collaboration for the study of a customized seal with open slot assembly that could allow better wear resistance. In this specific case, using water-based paints, the material used had to have a low coefficient of friction and absorbe very little amount of water.


Rotating joints usually use PTFE seals that allow excellent friction and chemical resistance performances, but which are less resistant to abrasion and therefore to wear. In order to choose a material capable of improving the performance of those joints, we started to analyze the project’s data and verify the primary needs. The pressure of 6Bar, even in non-lubricating conditions, combined with a low speed (20RPM on a 60mm diameter shaft) has led us to identify the SINTEK® CER-P as the most suitable material. SINTEK® CER-P is characterized by low coefficients of friction (for sliding on steel is about 0.3) high wear resistance (on ISO 15527 test at 23 ° C the value found is 75mm3) and low absorption of water (test with saturation at 23 ° C less than 0.1%). We chose our RES profile (page 28 of our general catalog) which, thanks to the aid of a special “Greek” spring in stainless steel, allows the seal to be energized even in low pressure conditions, such as those they occur for example during transient phenomena. In case of very aggressive chemical products, it is possible to replace the INOX spring with ELGILOY® springs. The solution proposed has brought considerable benefits to the application in multi-way rotating joints thanks to the efficiency and durability of the RES type seals in SINTEK® CER-P.


“The reduction of maintenance works has allowed us to achieve a significant reduction in management costs and an optimization of production continuity. Thanks to ATP’s solutions, our company has acquired greater visibility, competence and credibility on the market. “

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