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In food and pharmaceutical packaging lines product’s contamination represents one of the most common problems

Especially in case of joint’s continuous accelerations (which sometimes are up to 5 G) grease can escape, creating problems to packaging.


An important customer, world leader in the packaging industry, asked us to solve this this problem on its bouillon cubes’ packages machinery , using a EU 1935/2004 and FDA certificated material. The initial request was to design a grease seal that would work on a spherical surface.


After a careful analysis of the machinery our technical department determined that the working angle of the seal varied from +/- 2.5 ° and that this was subjected to an acceleration of 5G.

The seal was also subjected to washing with hot water at temperatures between 80 ° and 85 ° C.

In view of this data our designers proposed to create a SINTEK H-TPU seal with 2 independent lips, one for the grease and one for the external environment.

Once assembled the lips have a controlled compression on the ball which guarantees both grease and the dust /wash seal.

SINTEK H-TPU guarantees resistance to wear and it is a certificated material, as it was requested by the customer.


“After installation, we no longer had any leaks or contamination problems; we are fully satisfied”

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