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Maintenance OKS lubricants and protectives

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ATP is the official distributor for Italy of OKS products, a leading German company in the production of lubricants, anticorrosives and maintenance products for both general industry and the food industry with NSF-certified products.

OKS products are formulated to work under critical conditions, high load, high speed and high or low temperature and are widely used in applications requiring high corrosion protection or resistance to chemicals and water.

Protection against oxidation on machinery surfaces, mechanical components, spare parts, molds, and steel materials in general is essential preventive measure in all sectors.
In particular, in the food-safe product range OKS lubricants meet the most important international standards, mounting and anti-seize pastes for stainless steel screws, greases for bearings, oils for chains and linear or ball bearing slides NSF H1 and H2 certified.

Correct lubrication with appropriate products is important in order to reduce component wear to increase component life, optimise consumption and increase the time between lubrication intervals, reducing maintenance costs, all to the benefit of the user, the environment and the individual. For this reason, ATP carries out an accurate analysis of each individual application in order to propose the best lubrication solution.

OKS lubricants are made particularly high-performance by the different types and high quality of their raw materials. Oxidation inhibitors, friction modifiers, anti-wear agents, mox active, high-load lubricant additives and adhesives are among the main additives present. No less important are the thickeners present in greases, calcium soaps, lithium soaps, aluminium soaps, polyurea and bentonite, while the main solid lubricants contained in the products can vary between PTFE, Molybdenum Bisulphide (MoS2) and graphite depending on the application requirement.

Each product is presented in a technical data sheet in which the main detailed characteristics, viscosity values and consistency class, drip point, maximum and minimum temperature of use, flash point together with the method of use of the product are indicated.

OKS also includes products for daily maintenance, release agent for particularly rust-affected and rust-blocked couplings, silicone or silicone-free mould release agent, leak detector, paste for mounting bearings in housings, anti-skid agent for belts, and a series of degreasers and cleaners that can be used in all sectors, universal degreaser, cleaner for electrical contacts, water-based biological cleaner that can be used indoors for daily cleaning of workplaces or on food contact surfaces.

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