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ATP distributes lubricants, anti-corrosives and maintenance products from OKS German’s leading industrial lubrication firm. OKS products are formulated to withstand critical pressures, speeds and temperatures, as well as the corrosive effects of chemicals and water. To ensure maximum safety in a delicate and crucial sector such as the food industry, OKS lubricants conform to the most important international standards. Anti-corrosive protection of machinery, mechanical parts, spare parts, moulds and, more generally, steel materials, is a necessary precaution in almost all industrial applications. The great advantage of OKS anti-corrosion agents is that they are dry or oily protective films that do not have to be removed before using the protected parts.
The OKS range is completed by a range of products for the reconditioning and safeguarding of equipment and installations, the use of which reduces maintenance costs and downtime.

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