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Tubes for multisector applications

PFTE tubes for food industry or complete with a steel fitting and special solutions for hydraulics and chemicals industries

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ATP assembles tubes for the transport of different types of pressurised fluids. In addition to the classic applications for the hydraulic industry, we offer customised solutions for the food industry. ATP uses thermoforming technology to produce PTFE tubes complete with AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel fittings or special designs. On all fittings, custom markings can be identified to identify the production batch.

On request resistance tests can be carried out at specific pressures or for bursts, for which the relative certification may be issued.


ATP has been assembling flexible rubber tubes since 1990. The considerable advantages of PTFE in terms of flexibility and easy assembly, in the face of an equal chemical resistance, have led our company to specialize in the production of crimp Teflon tubes.

The possibility to customize fittings with specific metals makes crimp PFTE tubes perfectly suitable for use in chemical and food industries. As a matter of fact, the use of stainless steel (such as AISI 326L also compatible with food contact) assures a longer tube life and a high chemical inertia.

ATP production department is equipped to meet the needs of small customized batched as well as big standardized productions.

The thermoformed PFTE tube

Shaped stainless steel tubes are often used to transfer fluids in the chemical and food industries. However, their stiffness makes the assembly difficult when the number of tubes to connect increases (for example between the rotary joint seals and the taps of the bottling plants). ATP thermoformed PFTE tube allows the complete shaping of the curvature, facilitating even the most complex assemblies.

In particular, the thermoformed PFTE tube can bend after the assembly regaining a lot of degrees, so that it can be easily fastened at the ends, despite the addition of the tolerances of the other assembled components.

The thermoformed integral PFTE tube with clamp

The thermoformed pipe in full PFTE was born from the need of a greater attention to hygiene, which required the design of tubes without interstices. It stands out thanks to the fittings made directly in the tube through a patented pressing process.

The tube is completely made of PFTE and it can be fastened at the system or at the connections with a standardized clamping or customized geometry. There are no discontinuities that might lead to product clumping avoiding stagnation.

Tests and checks

ATP can rely on a static testing machine where tubes are pressured with hydraulic oil. Thanks to this, it is possible to carry out pressure tests from 0 up to 100 bar and from 100 bar up to over 500 bar, testing the connection pressure tight as well as the diameters expansion. These tests allow to check the correct clamping of the fittings and verify that the moulded ends function properly.

A test certificate is produced at the end of the test. It states pressure parameters, time, input and output pressure gradients.

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