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Discover the sectors in which ATP operates

For more than 40 years, ATP has developed customised solutions for all industrial sectors using plastic and elastomeric details. Food & beverage, packaging & automation, hydraulic and pneumatic, earth moving machines, pharmaceuticals, railways, naval, automotive, aeronautics and oil & gas are some of the main markets served.

ATP turns the knowledge and experience acquired in each sector into inspiration for finding solutions to similar issues in very different sectors. For example, thanks to this kind of approach, from research into solutions with highly abrasion-resistant materials for a number of customers in the earthmoving sector, materials such as SINTEK HTPU have been developed that, combined with the appropriate geometries, have yielded excellent results in terms of durability in the automation sector and in particular in powder processing and liquid filling machines containing suspended particles (very common in both food and beverages).

cerchi piccoli
cerchi piccoli

The study of high-pressure applications in the food industry used in the sterilisation of homogenisation machines has allowed the identification of geometries and materials for high-pressure machines such as water jets.
Again, research into materials to make gaskets resistant to increasingly complex sanitisation processes in the food industry (and in particular in the Beverage and Dairy sector) has enabled us to identify innovative solutions for the chemical and petrochemical industries.

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