Technopolymers by ATP


PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is a resin with a low friction coefficient, high thermal resistanceand excellent resistance to chemical agents. These features make PTFE a highly productive and widely used material in the technical field even under complex conditions. In particular it is used in sealing systems for the manufacture of gaskets and high performance bushings. Self-lubrication in rotating/moving applications, where PTFE deposits particles in the irregularities of the contact surface to create a real sliding bearing, is one of the most appreciated by designers.

Virgin PTFE resin possesses exceptional physical-chemical properties for static applications. In addition, its features can be improved for dynamic applications by using PTFE with specific additives that create a compound respondent to the needs of specific applications. The ability to formulate customised PTFE based compounds means we can produce materials that are compatible with specific operating conditions. In addition to the classically known and applied additives in the world of mechanics, such as carbon fibres used to improve resistance to wear and some friction reducers such as graphite, il ATP Research Center can produce high performance PTFE filled with specific percentages of additives and able to meet the market’s increasingly demanding requirements. Total control of the production chain from the dust to the semi-finished product makes for high quality materials. In particular, all our products are subject to internal verification in the ATP Laboratory, equipped with the most up-to-date analytical instruments.