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Railway seals

Discover the ATP solutions for the railway sector

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ATP designs, manufactures and markets self-extinguishing and low-toxic fume plastic and elastomeric materials, including: sealing systems, bearings and sliding guides with low friction coefficient, flexible connections for low, medium and high pressure, and rubber and rubber-metal bellows and vibration dampers for the railway industry during first use and maintenance.

The experience we have acquired in the manipulation of plastic materials together with thirty years of experience in the railway sector and ATP’s innovative nature has led our designers to study new special solutions.

In fact, ATP has gained experience working with different types of trains (ALn 688 and 663, the double decker Vivalto, high-traffic trains and electric trains).

The wide selection of codes provided by ATP and the possibility of realizing customized products makes us a strategic partner for contractors in the event of revamping of railroad-cars and locomotives.

ATP Solutions for the railway sector consider carefully the theme of safety, which has assumed a central role thanks to the introduction of the Regulation EN 45545-2:2015 on the assessment of fire response-related risks and of emission of toxic smoke deriving from the combustion of the railroad-cars.

In particular, ATP provides membranes, elastic padding and flame-retardant rubber seals pursuant to the aforementioned Regulations, and the preceding NF F 16101 and UNI CEI 11170.

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Find out about ATP solutions for the Railway industry

ATP’s range of seals, dampers, tubes, vibration dampers, and solutions for the rail industry includes both exterior and interior applications for locomotives and coaches. All products also feature high resistance to fire, corrosion, and weathering.

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