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The maintenance of metal parts may require overcoming much larger diameters than the seal itself. For example, the wheels of railway carriages, since they are already fitted onto the axle, cannot be disassembled, even during maintenance.

Therefore, precautions need to be taken to ensure long-term sealing, even after the initial assembly.


One of our clients, operating in the railway sector, has asked us to create a rotating sealing ring designed for a wheel with a diameter of approximately 600mm and capable of working on a 200mm axle.


Our technicians have proposed a “Z labyrinth” cut seal, designed to open up and surpass the wheel diameter.

During the design phase, certain precautions were taken. In particular:

  • The insertion of a protruding axial tooth for securing the seal, using a threaded flange, has ensured stable sealing during operation and, consequently, a more efficient and durable seal.
  • The internal spring of the seal was installed after inserting the seal into place. This way, the complete spring can act on the inner lip, facilitating its union and, therefore, the sealing.
  • The seal is made of SINTEK HTPU, a thermoplastic polyurethane capable of providing rigidity, sealing strength, and wear resistance.


The client easily installed the seal and successfully conducted the initial testing.

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