From the best materials selection on the market to the manufacturing of customised technopolymers

In a highly competitive market, application needs are becoming increasingly stringent in terms of product quality and speed of delivery, to respond to the urgency of implementation and to meet the need for containment of costs.
ATP ensures the high quality of its products through careful and constant selection of raw materials and the best transformers both within Italy and internationally.
Our food and pharmaceutical products are manufactured in compliance with the main European (CE 1935: 2004) and international (FDA) standards and our research has always been aimed not only at identifying materials and suppliers capable of meeting the highest production requirements, but also to operate within models of environmentally sustainable development.
In order to meet all of these needs, we have invested heavily in research and development and, along with the use of common elastomers and plastics, ATP has developed special materials that provide greater resistance to critical conditions such as temperatures, forces and pressures.