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Discover the ATP solutions for the Naval sector

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ATP’s experience in more than 25 years of work in the naval sector allows us to design solutions and applications for both shipyards and storage and shipboard requirements.

In particular, our wedges facilitate keel blocking of ships and yachts, allowing the operator to obtain precise adjustments in relation to the height of the hull during the various phases of the maintenance process. Our plastic screw heels can substitute the traditional wooden block, ensuring the safety of the workers in the shipyard.

The extensive experience gained in the areas of elastomeric and plastic materials enables us to provide seal solutions up to 2500mm in diameter in a variety of materials, onboard coupling and support solutions and various solutions for the daily work of the yard.

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Find out about ATP solutions for the Naval sector

Custom-designed levelers, screw heels, saddles, and shim plates, drawing on experience in the plastics industry to meet both shipboard and shipyard needs with innovative solutions that are safe and durable while also easy to assemble and environmentally friendly.

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