In every shipyard, both of production and refitting, both for ships and yachts, there’s always the need to sustain the ships or sections of it in a safe, smart and quick way and, most of all, horizontal.

The wooden notches have historically responded to the need for support and practicality, but their assembly was tiring for the operator and often not very easy. An innovative, easy and safe solution was therefore required.


ATP experience in plastic materials led our team to design and develop a sustaining machine for naval shipyards. The levelling screw jacks LEONARDO I and LEONARDO II, the first able to sustain up to 50 tons, the second 110 tons,

They are the perfect mix of ease and safety in sustaining ships and ships’ sections.

Widely used both in shipyards and Yacht yards, as well as Docks and Harbour (for maintenance) the levelling screw jacks LEONARDO SERIES are today the reference point for this kind of Machine.

Both the types are CE Marked. ATP experience and innovation do not overlook workers’ safety.



« ATP Levelling screw jacks are very quickly and smart in positioning, letting the docking operations very quick and safe. They can let the customer have a saving of time in between 20 and 30% while building or refitting the ship.»

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