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Aeronautical seals

Discover the ATP gaskets and sealing solutions for the aeronautical sector!

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ATP designs and manufactures static and dynamic seals, sealing systems and plastic parts for the aerospace sector. In particular, all ATP seals intended for the aeronautical sector are able to withstand high and low temperatures, the action of aggressive chemical agents, aeronautical fuels, hydraulic fluids, oils and greases.

All applications are also characterized by high resistance to external agents such as sand or ice and low friction. On all ATP solutions it is able to ensure the control of the pieces produced and the traceability of the materials used.


ATP has always paid particular attention to the quality control system. Since 1995 our company has been ISO 9001 certified, and in 2020 it also acquired ISO 9100 certification.

Technopolymers Internal Develop

The inherent characteristics of the aviation market and its regulations, the need for resistance to ever lower temperatures and ever higher speeds lead us to constantly measure ourselves with highly challenging projects.

The semi-finished products mainly used by ATP in the aeronautical sector are: rubber (NBR, EPDM, VITON, SILICONE), polyurethane and plastic materials (PEEK, PEEK LOADED, PTFE LOADED, POM). For the development of innovative and highly performing solutions our technical department makes use of the internal PTFE laboratory, in which technopolymers loaded with glass, bronze, graphite, disulfide and carbon fibers are made and tested which are able to best meet the needs. of the various applications (e.g. low friction coefficients, low linear thermal expansion coefficients and high wear resistance).

If necessary, the materials produced can be tested inside the air-conditioned ATP metrology room, equipped with the most advanced instruments for precision testing.

Traceability of Lots and Materials

Traceability of lots and materials Aerospace solutions, as well as those made for other sectors, can be accompanied by production batch certification (certificate 3.1). In addition, for each supply traced, ATP is able to provide, where required, certificates 2.1, 3.1 and F.A.I., which are quantified from time to time based on the required data and the complexity of the components.

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Custom-designed gaskets, sealing systems and solutions using special materials developed within our laboratories to increase safety, efficiency and performance in aerospace.

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