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Customized gaskets for industrial use


Passion for tailoring, industry capability

For over 40 years, ATP has been committed to researching customised solutions for sealing and plastic processing systems that offer cutting-edge, totally customisable products.

Our mission is to work alongside the customer not only as a trusted supplier, but also as a strategic partner, a problem solver that follows companies throughout the production process: from design to production, through prototype creation and correction.

As a result of our constant investments in research, technology and human resources, our solutions stand out in the market for innovation, precision and quality.

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Our history

ATP, from sales to production business,
over 40 years of success

ATP was founded in Modena in 1975 as a reseller of technical articles.

In the late 1980s, alongside the sale of standard products the company added the design of customised solutions, thus beginning its transformation from commercial to production business.

Today, about 30 years later, the design and manufacturing of tailored solutions have become the company core business, which accounts for more than 80% of its turnover.

When the first rubber-processing machine arrived at the Modena factory, the company started to turn out its first special productions. With the goal of expanding its activity in central and southern Italy, in the same year, ATP opened a new site in Ancona, where production was expanded to the manufacture of crimped large pipes.
Over the years the company has strengthened its industrial facilities, which now includes: 11 CNCs for the production of special gaskets, 3 water jets and 1 plotter for the production of flat gaskets, 1 four-axis milling machine with a vacuum table for plastics processing. To ensure high production quality, over the years ATP has invested in control equipment, incorporating multisensor measuring machines that allow optical or contact measurement. In addition, the company has organised itself along LEAN SYSTEM principles in a logic of continuous improvement and reduction of waste and in order to provide the value required by the customer.
ATP is a solid and steadily growing company, whose production department accounts for 80% of turnover. Employee safety and social and environmental responsibility, are key to our policies. This is why we commit ourselves to responsible action day-by-day, in the knowledge that today’s actions will affect tomorrow’s world. The ATP team currently consists of 55 people.
In order to cope with growth, and with a desire to contribute to the development of the Emilian Apennines, ATP opened a new production facility in Montese.
2002 - 2014
In order to complete the supply chain and better meet the needs of the market, ATP started manufacturing semi-finished plastics.

Why choose us

High quality, tailored solutions, promptness and assistance make ATP your ideal trading partner

We stand out on the market for our customisation, speed and assistance.

Choosing ATP means choosing a strategic partner determined to follow our customers at every step of the production process: from design consulting to post-sales assistance we provide constant support.

Last minute demand-proof supply!

In order to guarantee a fast and efficient supply, capable of improving performance in handling the sudden demands of our customers’ customers ATP is able to equip a physical warehouse at its customers’ spare parts management plant, thanks to the application of the VMI model, Vendor Managed Inventory.

ATP quality accepts no compromises.

We follow every design from its inception, accurately assessing the technical specifications the products will be required to meet in terms of pressures, speeds, temperatures, compatibility, certifications, tolerances, interference and clearances.

Time is a precious resource.

We do our best to provide a rapid service. By choosing ATP you can save weeks on individual designs. In fact we can even output special gaskets and plastic details within 24 hours.

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