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Discover the ATP quality system

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ATP is ISO 9001 certified since 1995.
In a highly competitive market, voluntary certification is a strong added value for us, through which we can distinguish ourselves in a transparent and tangible way from the competition. For this reason the ATP quality system is constantly updated and certified by DNV, an independent body for the certification of goods, services, systems and professions as well as for the verification and calibration of products and equipment.

At the same time, the quality system is verified by our main customers through periodic audits for which we can boast reliability ratings among the best in our category

The pursuit of corporate objectives, combined with the desire for continuous improvement of production processes and waste reduction have led ATP to realize an industrial plan that expertly combines the most modern optimization, analysis and test methods to the principles of LEAN SYSTEM.

ATP air-conditioned metrology room

The ATP air-conditioned metrology room is equipped with the most advanced precision testing instruments.

  • The CMM, equipped with a wide range of probes, allows you to control the most complex 3D geometries with an accuracy of 0.02mm.
  • The DOSS, an automatic optical and laser meter without contact, allows the measurement of the main dimensions of the piece produced, eliminating the influence of the operator on the measurement.
  • The KEYENCE IM-7030T, the state of the art optical comparator, eliminates operator error while automatically recording data on a server in real-time and generating inspection reports. Height measurements with optical probe and sensor make it a valid alternative to conventional CMM 3D measurement methods, with a considerable reduction of cycle time