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Turned gaskets

Turned, mould and waterjet cutting seals

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ATP designs, manufactures and markets sealing systems and turned gaskets made of rubber, PTFE, polyurethane and plastic materials. Thanks to our experience, we will fabricate linear or rotary seals to be used in oleodynamic, pneumatic or high-pressure, high-temperature hydraulic applications.

For production we use state-of-the-art machines that can manufacture high-precision articles and meet the most sophisticated market demands.

We manufacture O-RINGs of any size in various elastomers, PTFE linear guides, and bushings lined with acetal resin. We provide a wide range of materials certifiably safe to come into contact with food (FDA, 1935/2004, Reg. EU 10/2011), to be used in the manufacturing of gaskets in food and pharmaceutical sectors.

O-RINGs, NBR-SILICONE-VITON® compounds, oil seal rings and standard lip gaskets are also available in our warehouses.

Used in fluid-dynamic applications for the cylinder sealing system.

ATP scrapers provide perfect protection against the entry of both dust and liquids.

Used in rotating and oscillating applications under very different operating conditions.

Used in fluid-dynamic applications for the shaft sealing system.

Used in fluid-dynamic applications, ATP static seals work in contact with stationary fluids..

Used in hydraulic applications, ATP anti-extrusion rings allow O-Rings to be used even with high pressures and high clearances.

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