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During the assembly of ship sections or during the maintenance of ship sections, it is necessary to use tools that allow for precise levelling between the parts that will be welded together.


During the maintenance phase, the need arises to recover heights, even high ones. One of our clients, one of the main builders of large ships, asked us to replace the current wooden thicknesses with reusable solutions that are more environmentally friendly.


In both construction and storage, the optimal application for assembling ships and supporting their sections are the Leonardo series levellers. CE marked, Leonardo I and II levellers are capable of supporting up to 50 and 110 tons, respectively. They are often used with the aid of thickness plates to increase the maximum attainable height.

Wood shims have traditionally been used in the shipbuilding industry, however, the use of which involves 3 fundamental problems: not being easy to reuse, the need for special chemical treatments on the wood (which have a high impact on the environment), and the increasingly less sustainable availability of the wood itself.

To overcome these problems, our technical department decided to replace wooden shims with plates made of special long-lasting plastic material, ideally reusable countless times, limiting the use of wood to only those parts where it was strictly necessary.

Based on this insight ATP developed a new solution: the EKOGLIS 6G-AL Thickness Plate, which brings numerous advantages:


-Adjustable thicknesses

-Increased positioning stability on the leveller

-Increased system accuracy

-Lower weight of individual shim

Increased stability is achieved through special male/female shaping on the two surfaces of the plates. Indeed, these allow the total height of the leveler to be raised flexibly according to the need of each notch.

In particular, the EKOGLIS 6G-AL Thickness Plates allows two possible thickness sizes, namely 50 and 100 mm, which can be produced for both LEONARDO I and LEONARDO II levellers.


«ATP Levelling screw jacks are very quickly and smart in positioning, letting the docking operations very quick and safe. They can let the customer have a saving of time in between 20 and 30% while building or refitting the ship.»

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