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While railway vehicles are in transit, the contact between the rails and the wheels, both of which are made of metal, is primarily dampened by spring and/or air suspension systems mounted on the cars. However, elastic elements are inserted between the frame and the floor surface in order to absorb any residual vibrations and ensure greater comfort.


To create custom Elastic Elements capable of perfectly adapting to the Layout of the structure underneath the floor surface.

The Solution

The rubber moulding division of ATP (Termogomma srl) has managed to successfully produce these elastic elements using compression presses.

These anti-vibration elements are produced using rubber materials compliant with the railway sector Fire and Smoke regulations. The metal parts are made from aluminium alloy or stainless steel in order to guarantee durability, corrosion resistance, and ease of inserting the screws for securing the elements between the floor and the frame.


Thousands of ATP vibration dampers have been installed on many of our trains, resulting in excellent passenger comfort.

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