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Why our inflatable seals are effective for the railway industry


High Speed Trains can exceed 300 km/h and the mechanisms inside them need absolutely efficient seals and plastic wear elements.


Identify a special seal for train access doors, and in particular for the ETR 500 model, capable of activating the seal when closing and deactivating it when opening, so as not to generate obstacles to the movement of the door itself and to be durable.


The solution identified by ATP is  Inflatable Seals conforming to  EN45545:2015, Requisiti R22-23, HL3, requirements R22-23, HL3, concerning Fire Behaviour and Smoke Emissions.

The Inflatable Seal is a static seal able to activate and deactivate itself when needed, ensuring door tightness during train movement. It is easier to install on ETR 500 trains and it reduces the risk of accidental breakage.

Working on quality and toughness of the seal profile, ATP technicians improved the durability of the inflatable seals, allowing them to exceed 300,000 inflation/deflation cycles. As a result, these seals became an effective and long-lasting solution for intermittent applications, rather than just a backup option.
The optimization of the seal profile, designed according to the seat dimensions and the space it needed to cover during activation, also prevented protrusion when in the “rest” position (open door), reducing the risk of impacts (due to accidental kicks, luggage, umbrellas, etc.) and potential damage.


“Our ETR Door Seal installation team immediately appreciated the simple and, above all, quick installation of ATP’s Inflatable Seals!”

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