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Head tap’s seal for air circuit of breaking system

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Head tap’s seal for air circuit of breaking system are a key component of the brake system of a train. They contain rubber seals which operate on airflow’s ball valve. Therefore it is fundamental that they carry out their job without suffering permanent deformations.


One our client asked us to identify a special compound capable of working at very low temperatures. In this conditions, the rubber seal must maintain its springback in order guarantee its sealing power.


Although it may seem simple to create a seal inside a pneumatic circuit with pressures lower than 10 bar, air has the great ability to pass through the smallest cracks. Therefore, in the railway industry it is very important for  rubber seals maintaing a good deformability and have a good springback even at temperatures below -30°C Termogomma, ATP’s rubber molding unit, has successfully fine-tuned the recipe for the ideal compound, in accordance with UNI 5756. Taking into account all the specifications provided by the customer, we have studied an elastomer which show resistance to lowtemperature.

NBR antifreeze is a compound characterized by transition temperature below -40 C with excellent elastic qualities and low residual deformation.


« Thanks to ATP’s antifreeze compound, valves and taps of pneumatic systems can count on perfect seal sealing within -40 and + 90 C. temperature range »

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