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In the food industry, FDA and 1935:2004 certifications are also increasingly required for components in direct contact with the product in order to protect possible contact risks.


One of our customers, a packaging machines manufacturer for food industry, asked us to replace its rubber front seals with equivalent ones in certified material.


Inside the packaging plant seals were used to protect internal mechanical components lacking food certifications.

FRONT SEAL EST 2 assieme catalogo
certified for food use


  • Fluids in contact: cleaning liquids (products used for sanitization)
  • Speed: (rotation): 0.3 to 0.5 M/S
  • Pressures: room pressure
  • Temperature: from 4 C to a maximum of 95 C during sanitisation
  • Sliding material: AISI 316 with hardening treatment


FDA, EU 1935/2004 and Chinese GB certifications

ATP has turned previous NBR rubber seals into Sintek HTPU ones to improve their chemical resistance to both sanitizers and wear.

Material change could have made seals’ assembly more difficult as Sintek HTPU (95 sh ) is harder than rubber. In order to facilitate assembly in a closed hollow, during the design phase our technicians have provided suitable rounded parts. The achieved the goal using a FRONT SEAL profile in Sintek HTPU.


The chosen profile complies with the main international food standards and allows longer lasting performance.

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