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Protecting the internal mechanisms of machines from dust and mud on excavators and earth-moving machines is a long-standing problem.

Do your precision mechanisms have premature wear in dusty environments? Do standard solutions generate too much friction? Thanks to ATP’s turned scrapers it is easily possible to separate the internal mechanics, lubricated with grease, from the dust and dirt present in the external environment  maintaining low friction values ​​in precision machinery. Moreover it is possible to raelize reinforced scrapers with sliding angles.

Generally the most used profiles,o AA101 and AA102, are  made of rubber, and re-proposed by ATP in SINTEK HTPU, a compound with greater wear resistance, greater hardness (95Sh A) and low coefficient of friction. These characteristics of the SINTEK HTPU also make it ideal for precision applications in dusty environments where friction is a primary condition and where standard solutions often do not provide grease sealing. Furthermore, in the function of the application, other special materials can also be used among those developed by our internal laboratory or studied ad hoc, to reduce friction, increase thermal resistance and pressure. Have a look at our general catalog to check the recommended materials for each operating conditions.

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