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The revamping of hydropower plants built after World War II has become common in the industry. During this process, the replacement of outdated seals and other hydraulic equipment is an essential step. Revamping is important for improving energy efficiency, reducing environmental impact, and ensuring clean and reliable energy production. These practices allow for the optimization of available water resources and the adoption of sustainable technologies.


Our client, a company specialized in the maintenance of hydropower plants, has requested our support for the replacement of seals for the lifting cylinders of a dam gate.


First, we analyzed the cylinder data (diameter 1150mm) to determine the seal dimensions. Through careful data analysis, we selected seals made of SINTEK HTPU, a state-of-the-art material highly resistant to hydrolysis, to ensure superior performance.

However, due to the lack of precise measurements of the cylinder housing in the dated drawings from the 1940s, we conducted a site visit with the client to accurately measure the old seals and their housings. During this phase, we worked closely with the client, demonstrating our dedication to providing a precise and tailored solution for their specific requirements.

Additionally, thanks to our production capacity and the new large-diameter machine, which can produce seals up to 1600mm in diameter, we were able to manufacture the necessary seals within a few days, exceeding the client’s expectations.


«I was very satisfied with the support and prompt delivery provided by ATP.» ATP’s customer

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