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Bi-material food bellows


In food production companies it is sometimes difficult to overcome the design limits of standard components designed for various applications and not perfectly pefrormant in their own.


One of our customers, active in the canned sector, asked us to design a long-lasting solution to replace the bellows positioned inside the valves used for the management of the product flow in order to reduce the frequent maintenance due to wear early standard bellows.


In food companies the products often contain solid suspensions and a high percentage of sugars which make the product very abrasive for its mechanical components and in particular for seals and shutters.

In the bellows used by our customer, the shutter, in metallic material, tended to wear out too quickly and damaging the seal counter surface.

The use of this bellows forced him to unscheduled interruptions of the filling system, causing you to be reduced in production and extra costs. Having analyzed the bellows, our technicians have identified a potential weakness in the materials used, which is why they proposed replacing the solution in use with a PTFE solution and therefore characterized by greater elasticity, but which at the same time had in the PEEK filling area molded with PTFE in order to resist wear without damaging the metal parts.


Advantages ”Thanks to the ATP bellows, we have extended maintenance times, also reducing costs compared to original replacements”

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