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Seals kit for logic elements



Hydraulic presses used for forming tiles in ceramic industry are fundamental for manufacturing process, therefore each of their components must guarantee high reliability over time.


Orings and BK seals used in hydraulic presses tend to get damaged during the assembly phase. A customer who works with printing press asked us to study a seal kit to solve this damage problem and to ensure better sealing at high pressures. In particular, the kit used until then consisted of two radial seals and a frontal one and it was used in logic elements.


The solution suggested by ATP technicians involved the use of a front seal with a special profile. It combined two elements realized in two different materials, SINTEK H TPU and SINTEK D55, and two AFL 108 type radial seals, realized in SINTEK H TPU. The latter profile, suitably sized, mixed ease of assembly with seal reliability and and high performance at high pressures by effectively replacing the O ring + BK combination.

All the seals had been optimized thanks to Finite Element Analysis (FEA) The customer positively evaluated ATP proposal and, after testing the sealing system, confirmed that the solution fulfilled his requests and expectations.


«ATP solutions is easy to use, highly reliable and resistant over time to high pressures».

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