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In the pharmaceutical industry, sliding guides play an important role in all machines as they allow better precision in the dosage of liquid products and longer life of the seals.


One of our customers, a leading manufacturer for the pharmaceutical industry, asked us to size the sliding guides for the dosing pistons of its machines. Dosed products are very different one from another and require the use of materials with a wide range of chemical and thermal resistance, both for  gaskets and guides.


Application’s analysis made immediately clear the need to intervene on the guides, but also on the gasket which, being in direct contact with the dosed product, had to comply not only with the requirements of chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance (to increase the durations) but also with the strict pharma industry certifications .

Therefore the material had to have the following characteristics:

good abrasion resistance

low wear of the sliding surfaces even if in AISI 304 or 316

wide range of chemical compatibility

USP Class VI and CE 1935/2004 and FDA certification to be authorized in all countries


  • Operating temperatures: 70/120 °
  • Pressure: 6 bar
  • Movement: linear with 200mm stroke
  • Cleaning: cip

Our customer had previously used virgin PTFE gaskets, compliant with pahrma certifications and able to meet chemical and thermal requirements, but they did not offer satisfactory durability.

Therefore our PTFE research center studied a compound that could meet all needs and, at the same time, allow an extension of the operating life. Comparative tests carried out with the tribometer have identified the most suitable material in SINTEK PK20. PTFE activated with super polymers, SINTEK PK20 is characterized by high wear resistance and excellent fluidity, as well as low wear of the materials in contact (sliding). The guides and gasket made for this application have allowed a reduction in maintenance on the cylinder/piston system and greater precision in dosing.


“The solution proposed by ATP has allowed us to have a performing and versatile material, which it is fundamentalfor us considering the wide range of customers we serve”

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