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Custom railway solutions: the power of dynergy between ATP and Termogomma

Published onby ATP Group

In the increasingly demanding world of the railway industry, efficiency, reliability, and safety are essential requirements continuously pushed to higher standards. T

This is where the synergy between ATP and Termogomma comes into play, offering tailored solutions and special compounds that deliver unmatched performance.

Our success is based on the ability to design and manufacture highly customized Railway Components. Each project represents a perfect mix of excellence and efficiency. Furthermore, Termogomma’s special rubber compounds provide consistent performance in all environmental conditions.

Whether it’s pneumatic systems that require performance even at -40°C, seals positioned inside the vehicle compliant with the strictest Fire/Fume standards, or protective bellows exposed to the effects of atmospheric agents, Termogomma compounds ensure reliable and long-lasting performance.

Maximizing security, we reduce maintenance requirements and so we achieve significant long-term cost savings.

Find out more about our customized solutions for the railway sector.


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