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Compensating rotary seal

tenuta rotante

On construction equipment, one of the main problems is the presence of mud and debris on the job site, so it is very important to protect mechanical parts such as bearings, gears and bushings. To do this, scrapers and mud-guard rings are traditionally used for reciprocating movements and rubber v-rings for rotary movements.


A major customer, a leading manufacturer of drilling equipment, commissioned us to provide a solution that would protect the fifth wheel and bearings from mud, water and bentonite in rotary movements with variable speed.


The solution developed by our engineering department is a SintekH-TPU seal designed to work on hardened steel surfaces, in a vertical position. The special geometry of the ATP compensating rotary seal makes it possible to recover assembly clearances, machining tolerances and dynamic clearances that characterize the operation of these machines. The choice of SintekH-TPU allows the seal to achieve excellent wear resistance both from contaminants and abrasives such as mud, water and bentonite, and under conditions of pressure up to 12 bar and speed from 5 to 20 RPM, in a temperature range of -10/+70°C . The profile of the compensating rotary seal makes it possible to create hollows in the dynamic part of the seal for long-lasting assembly lubrication . The product we recommend in combination is OKS 475, which, due to its low coefficient of friction, is able tosignificantly extend the life of the seal.


The ATP compensating rotary seal is able tocompensate for high offset and due to its high resistance to abrasion -one of the main features of SINTEK H-TPU-enables a longer service life than traditional solutions (rubber v-rings).


“LEONARDO levelling screw jacks are the best solution we identified for supporting the section of the bridge we are to build, because we need the positioning of each section to be as most precise as possible, with a tolerance in a range of few millimeters height”. An important customer of us engaged in Major Infrastructures sector.”

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