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Valve body for rotary air distributor


Rotary air distributors are often used in the pharmaceutical sector which requires handling of solid parts. In most cases these distributors are used to create a vacuum on the product transfer drums, they work dry and under A The same working conditions often occur in Packaging & Automation as well.


One of our main customers in the pharmaceutical industry required us to develop a valve body in a material that could work dry (without oil and grease lubrication) and slide on soft metal surfaces, such as stainless steel 304/316, without any surface treatment. The materials had to comply with FDA, EU 1935/2004 (MOCA), EU 10/2011 standards.


The study of the solution kicked off with the analysis of the application.

Operating data

Vacuum sealing.

Products in contact: possibility of accidental contact with dust from pharmaceutical/food products;

Working temperature: ambient temperature +15/50°C, temperatures can rise up to +90°C due to sliding;

Movements between components: high-speed, rotary

Cleaning systems: CIP and SIP

Seal requirements

This material is characterized by a high resistance to wear and a low coefficient of friction

No release of dust

FDA,EU 1935/2004 (MOCA), EU 10/2011 certificates

The customer reported excessive wear of the valve body and wear of the metal part.

After analyzing all data provided by the customer, ATP planned tribological tests in its R&D laboratory by simulating the real operating conditions for the choice of material.

Once completed POD tests we decided to use our SINTEK PK to manufacture the valve because it satisfied all requirements.

We considered the reliability of the part together with the customer, we received confirmation of the achievement of the duration goals, then we proceeded with series production and the required certificates (EU-10/2011, MOCA, FDA)


“Sintek PK was the material we were looking for. The partnership continues and right now we are making new rotary distributors with ATP”.

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