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ATP's headquarter and branches business continuity plan

Published onby ATP Group

ATP, according to general indications of both Government and Local Administrations, has immediately adopted internal procedures to guarantee at the same time the service to its customers and the maximum respect for the health of workers.

No case of COVID-19 contagion has been found in ATP  up to this moment and no worker comes from the red areas.

For a long time now, ATP has started digitization and training projects that allow us, in this unpleasant situation, to reduce the level of contagion risk.

To achieve the continuty plan ATP has implemented for the Modena office (closer to the COVD-19 outbreaks), the following actions:

  • Home Working with few people present in the office to guarantee any paper management of specific documents.
  • Precautionary removal from departments and offices of any people with flu symptoms or who have a greater risk due to external contacts (such as salespeople).
  • Interruption of company visits for suppliers and customers
  • Use of masks and other protective devices in manual work areas such as warehouses and production areas.
  • Increase in stocks of raw materials and semi-finished products. (The supply chain has already been monitored for over 4 weeks and we have not identified any specific critical issues to that date).

If the situation got worse in other areas, ATP would  be ready to apply the above measures also in the other company plants. Currently the closure of any production plant is not expected.

We invite customers to send us, if possible, open orders or orders with long-term scheduled deliveries in order to be able to better plan and manage any general developments not caused by our company.

ATP is working to maintain its high level of service.


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