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Duo gasket for motorbike front suspension


Standard moulded gaskets are preferably used in the automotive industry since millions of pieces are reproduced for every application. To meet specific needs it is necessary to use made-to-misure turned sealing systems.


One of our automotive customers requested a solution to the leakage on a ø12 mm piston-rod inside a suspension, where a standard nbr single mechanical lip seal was usually used. They specified they needed to maintain a very low coefficient of friction.


First of all, ATP technical team analyzed the operating conditions of the application:

  • Average: hydraulic oil
  • Movement: alternative
  • Seal: on ø 12 mm piston-rod
  • Stroke: 150 mm
  • Pressure: 5-8 bar
  • Temperature: max. 90°C

The analysis of the application and its operating condition s made it opt for an innovative change of the profile. In particular, a special made-to-misure double-acting turned seal was inserted inside the existing seat (originally designed for a standard single mechanical seal). This choice allows to improve the sealing efficiency, even under conditions of fast alternations and vibrations. Next, out technicians agreed on a change of material, replacing nbr rubber with our SINTEK HTPU SL. This material has maintained and increased the sealing efficiency since it offers higher wear resistance and it has a very low coefficient of friction , due to the solid lubricant contained within it.


“The proposed solution proved to be absolutely effective, solved the leakage problem and had positive feedback at the endurance test.”

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