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In motor sports competitions, arriving it is not enough, the goal is to finish first. Therefore in the development phase it is necessary to address technical requirements that are often at the limit of it is possible and to deal with the continuous demand for greater performance. Compared to the automotive sector, where in general a standard gasket may be sufficient, in Motorsport the solution is using a tailor-made seals.


A customer operating in the supply of after market components for the racing sector asked us for a solution that would allow him to solve the problem of “friction” on the steering suspension, on which a single effect nbr molded lip seal was used, and at the same time guarantee a seal without leakage.


The steering suspension is mechanically schematized as a linear hydraulic drive where the oil within a closed system works like a spring, ensuring high application performance. For a correct functioning of the suspension it is essential to have a sealing system capable of not leaking as the loss of oil could not be restored unless after a thorough maintenance of the system. ATP analyzed the operating conditions of the application:

Medium: hydraulic oil Movement: alternative Sealing shaft: rod ø12 mm Stroke: 100 mm Pressure: 2-8 bar Temperature: max. 60 °c

To study this application, with high frequency stresses and vibrations, the design team used Marc software specific for the analysis of the finite elements (FEM) of materials with non-linear behavior. Two gasket profiles with different materials were studied, SINTEK HTPU and SINTEK NBR, to analyze the behavior during the simulation with the operating conditions described above. The result was theoretically positive in both cases, the team therefore chose to carry out a further test within the company TEST ROOM to verify the real behavior of the two profiles and materials.

Once the samples were made in the Modena workshops, we mounted the pistons and started the test. With the same tightness, our technical team found that the SINTEK NBR gasket generated less friction at first detachment. ATP then shared the technical documentation of the tests with the customer and following the technical commercial proposal, received an order for the production of a pre-series for the final field test which confirmed the application, which was then passed on to series production.


The customer, after comparing our solution with the standard ones and with other proposals from the market, noticed an evident improvement in terms of sealing, but above all in performance. He is also satisfied with the many information shared in terms of research, obtained thanks to the help of the equipment in our test room and in our laboratory.

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