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The shaping industry such as the the one of numerical control machine and machining center in general is characterized by the constant search for better performance. The goal is to produce an increasing number of pieces in the shortest time by improving the rotation or movement speeds of the different parts. Therefore seals are subjected to increasing speeds and high pressures; those conditions often lead them to premature wear.


One of our major customers, leader in the design and production of equipment for machine tools, has charged us with the study of a new sealing system designed to last more even in presence of high pressure and speed.


The feasibility study, design and construction of new special sealing system always starts from the evaluation of the operating conditions.

Operating data

Fluids in contact: coolant;

Fluid pressure: 30 bar (max. 50 bar);

Temperature: ambient + that generated by the friction’s system

Rotation speed: 3500 rpm (max. 5000 rpm);

Shaft material: ceramic coating

Operation: almost continuous for a few minutes with various non-quantifiable stops (depending on the type of work performed) over 24 hours

Seal requirements

The assembly had to be in open position, it could have a different design but the shaft had to have given dimensions equal to those of the existing solution. The overall dimensions relating to the external diameter and the axial height of the seat had to return to the maximum space occupied by the sealing system.

Working in synergy with the customer we could test various solutions optimizong both the profile geometry and the material’s choice.

We have come to define the most suitable solution to satisfy for functionality, durability and reliabilit requests was a special RES type profile.

The material chosen for the construction of the gasket is SINTEK® N2 of ATP, a PTFE  compound with increased  load resistance and reduced friction’s coefficient that ensure greater fuidity and lower heat generated by friction and consequently a lower wear of the system.


The adoption of the seal developed by ATP, with a dedicated profile combined with the specific characteristics of SINTEK® N2, has allowed us to increase the guarantees of operation and long lasting.

Consulta sul nostro catalogo generale i materiali consigliati a seconda delle condizioni operative.

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